Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies


Objectives and Degree Requirements

The Intercultural Studies program prepares students for a future of missionary service in Christian missions in the tradition of the Society of the Divine Word through training primarily in the social sciences, the humanities and environmental studies. To participate in ministry which honors diverse cultural expressions and the Gospel imperative to strive for the common good, students build a foundation of knowledge and attitudes, interactive skills in intercultural competence within diverse contexts: ecclesial and secular.
To obtain a B.A. degree in Intercultural Studies, a student must complete a minimum of 36 credits in the major, 18 of which are required courses. For a minor in Intercultural Studies, one must complete a minimum of 18 credits, of which 9 are required.

Student Learning Outcomes

Intercultural Empathy
Self-critical awareness of one’s own interaction style as conditioned by one’s cultural outlook on life and reality
Comparative reflection on moral values and spiritual meanings in literary, musical and artistic creations from other cultures with one’s own
Intercultural Proactivity
Engagement in social dialogue and reconciliation with an awareness of the dynamics of a multicultural society
Engagement in justice and peace activities that integrate environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being

B.A. in Intercultural Studies Curriculum

36 Credit Hours


Required Courses    18 Credit Hours
ICS 111   
Intercultural Communication
ICS 231    Globalization I
ICS 331    Globalization II 3
ENS 212   Introduction to Environmental Science
SOC 341  Theories of Society and Culture 
SOC 461  Methods of Social Research
ICS 499    Senior Capstone
Electives for ICS Major
  18 Credit Hours
ART 377   Contemporary and World Art
ENG 353   Mythology
ENG 354   Contemporary World Literature 
ENS 312    Environment and Society I
ENS 412   Environment and Society II
ICS 275     Special Topics 3
ICS 377     Women and Gender Across Cultures
ICS 375     Special Topics
ICS 475     Special Topics
MUS 376   World Music
PSY 246    Diversity in Human Sexuality
PSY 394    Cross-cultural Psychology