Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition of faith seeking understanding and the charism of the Society of the Divine Word, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy enables students to explore the fundamental philosophical problems related to the nature of Being, the human person, the good life, and the good society. Through a programmatic study of and reflective engagement with primary works, students learn to detect and assess the underlying philosophical views and methods of historically important philosophers, and work toward an articulation of a personal and integrated philosophy. Graduates will have acquired the critical and analytical skills to identify contemporary human and societal problems, to generate alternative viable solutions to controversial and vexing issues, and to apply sound philosophical principles to complex challenges confronting twenty-first century life in the context of Christian faith and service.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the philosophical views, theories, and methods contained in the primary works of historically important philosophers
  • Develop the requisite critical and analytical skills to evaluate the philosophical assumptions and arguments contained in works across various academic disciplines
  • Construct logically sound arguments in oral and written form
  • Create a personal and integrated philosophy for Christian faith and service
  • Apply appropriate methods of philosophical analysis to critical issues of contemporary relevance and propose viable alternative solutions
B.A. in Philosophy Curriculum           
  36 Credit Hours
Required PHI Courses
  27 Credit Hours
History of Philosophy    
PHI 210
Ancient Philosophy 3
PHI 320 Medieval Philosophy 3
PHI 330 Modern Philosophy 3
PHI 440 Contemporary Philosophy 3
Thematic Philosophy
PHI 215
Ethics 3
PHI 225 Philosophy of Human Nature 3
PHI 335 Epistemology 3
PHI 445 Metaphysics 3
Culminating Philosophy
PHI 498
Senior Seminar 2
PHI 499 Senior Synthesis Capstone 1
Elective PHI Courses
  9 Credit Hours
PHI 219
Asian Philosophy 3
PHI 302 Symbolic Logic 3
PHI 323 Philosophy of the Arts 3
PHI 327 Political Philosophy 3
PHI 371 Philosophy of God 3
PHI 373 Philosophical Counseling 3
PHI 375 Special Topics 3
PHI 395 Classical & Contemporary Virtue Ethics 3
PHI 423 Existentialism 3
PHI 430 Source Works 3
PHI 431 Gandhi 3
PHI 432 Nietzsche 3
PHI 444 Environmental Ethics 3
PHI 475 Advanced Special Topics 3