Bachelor of Arts in Theology & Religious Studies

Grounded in the Roman Catholic theological tradition and the charism of the Society of the Divine Word, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Religious Studies offers an integrated program of intellectual development, personal faith formation, and practical training for ministry. This program facilitates the acquisition of the academic knowledge, critical skills, and spiritual dispositions essential for integrating traditional Church teaching with contemporary pastoral issues encountered in ministerial practice. In preparation for ministry in intercultural and international missionary contexts, the curriculum takes distinctively SVD approaches to spirituality and mission with regard to the following: (1) academic study; (2) spiritual formation in community; (3) intercultural competence; (4) leadership training skills, and; (5) the dynamic integration of ministerial practice and theological reflection. Graduates will be prepared to serve the Church in diverse cultural and local contexts, to engage in primary and new evangelization, and to exercise collaborative leadership in a variety of parochial and ecclesial ministries.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the basic doctrines, traditions, and scriptural interpretations of the Church
  • Distinguish between official Church teaching and theological opinion, recognizing how these find expression in diverse cultural contexts
  • Integrate academic learning, spiritual formation, and theological reflection as foundations for pastoral ministry
  • Apply appropriate methods of lay ministry, education, and faith formation within particular contexts in local churches
  • Develop requisite attitudes and skills for dialogue with persons in ecumenical, interreligious, intercultural, and secular contexts.
B.A. in Theology & Religious Studies Curriculum     36 Credit Hours
Required TRS Courses
  24 Credit Hours
TRS 250
Prayer 3
TRS 253 Christian Ethics 3
TRS 273 
Pastoral Care 3
TRS 293 
Non-Christian Religions 3
TRS 322 SVD Heritage & Mission 2
TRS 345 Synoptic Gospels 3
TRS 353  Catholic Social Teaching 3
TRS 370  Missiology 3
TRS 499 Senior Synthesis Capstone  1
Elective TRS Courses
  12 Credit Hours
TRS 232 Public Witness/Reflection Skills  3
TRS 233 Sacramental & Liturgical Theology 3
TRS 295  Summer Pastoral Internship  1-3
TRS 312  Mariology  3
TRS 333 Christology 3
TRS 335
Church History  3
TRS 336
Ecclesiology 3
TRS 363
Spirituality 3
TRS 373
Pastoral Counseling 3
TRS 375 
Special Topics
TRS 377 
Inter-Religious Dialogue 3
TRS 441
Vatican II Theology 3
TRS 475  Advanced Special Topics 3