Mr. Masa Iwasaki

Adjunct Instructor of Music

My earliest musical memory: At age three, I was already beating on my high chair with my chop sticks. I’m not sure my family considered this music. I knew I would make a career in music when: When I was in high school in Japan. Although my teachers did not recommend I pursue music as a career. They warned me that it can be very difficult to make a living as a musician. But what if I could, it would be wonderful.
Favorite thing about performing music: Connecting with the audience. No matter what part I am assigned to play, or what style of music, I always have the listener in mind. If my music can’t reach the audience, it is just noise.
Advice for young musicians: In order to play musical instruments, our muscles and mind have to connect. It is a slow process to learn music or to play a musical instrument. Most young musicians try to learn the music too fast. Don’t try to learn everything too soon. Set a small goal for every practice. It is good idea to take private lessons from a good teacher in your area.
B.A. – Loras College, IA (Music and Music Education)
  Teaching Interests at Divine Word:
Applied Drums
  Professional Affiliations:
Percussionist - Dubuque Symphony Orchestra
Japanese, English
  Intercultural Experience