A Family Trust:  Your Living Legacy at Divine Word College


To be remembered for our good deeds when we are gone reflects a life well-lived. 

But with the living legacy of a Family Trust, you can experience, today, the effects of your trust in the mission of Divine Word College. 

When you establish a Family Trust at Divine Word College, you will forge a living legacy with the mission of our college—the education and spiritual formation of future missionary priests and Brothers.

 One meaning of the word trust is “something of value committed to another’s care.” 

You trust—believe, expect, and hope—that your gift will be used to help our DWC students realize their vocations.

Your Trust
  • Can Be Established in the Name of an Individual or Family
  • Can be added to as often as you like
  • Generates interest that will be used for Student Education and
  • Is Established with a Minimum of $1,000

As you read our student profiles, you will share in the lives and aspirations of the students benefiting from your entrusted gifts.  And in turn, we will share your own stories, as holders of Family Trusts, with the Divine Word College family.



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