Congratulations Class of 2009!

 On May 16, 2009, four men graduated from Divine Word College: Fr. Paul LaForge, SVD, Binh Nhat Nguyen, Binh Thanh Nguyen and Huy Khanh Tran. LaForge, Tran and Binh Nhat Nguyen received their Bachelor of Arts degrees in Cross-Cultural Studies. Binh Thanh Nguyen received his Associate of Arts degree in Cross-Cultural Studies.

Tran has applied to the Novitiate for the fall of 2009. Binh Thanh Nguyen plans to continue his studies as a Brother candidate. And at the young age of 78, Fr. Paul LaForge, SVD, earned his second bachelor’s degree. After 73 years in the classroom as both student and teacher, he has no plans to slow down, saying, "Farewell to the classroom and onward with learning!"
We congratulate this year’s graduates and offer them our prayers and support as they continue to follow their vocational paths.
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