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One of the best things about teaching at DWC is when students move on and later invite their “beloved teachers” to come and see them on mission. I’ve visited former students in five states and three foreign countries, but the most exciting one was when I traveled to see Fr. Higinio Yescuas, SVD, during my 2002 sabbatical to San Juanito Parish in Oaxaca, Mexico (He liked to say he was “the boss of me” as I taught basic English to parishioners and observed SVDs on mission).

In Mexico there’s always some kind of celebration and I participated in a “calenda,” which is an all-night procession to honor the patron saint of a parish. This one included skyrockets, floats, a brass band and women carrying baskets of flowers on their heads. I bought flowers to carry in my basket while a friend and her daughter created the headgear. It was BIG and included a brick my friend added for balance. During the celebration, sharing basket-carrying duty, we’d march along to the music for about fifteen minutes—with neck breaking—until we reached a designated spot, then we’d dance. Then we’d put our baskets down and be served lots of food—tamales, pozole, tortas. What we couldn’t eat, we put into the basket with the flowers…and the brick. Then we danced some more and continued along the route. We lasted only two-and-a-half hours, returning to the house by 10p.m. The calenda ended at dawn, then continued for two more days. You had to be there!

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