Arnoldus Scholarship for Refugees

Scholarship adds new dimension to Divine Word College mission
Divine Word College (DWC) is opening a new door to young men with refugee backgrounds who have a desire to serve the Church but may not have a vocation to the priesthood or Brotherhood.

DWC announces the Arnoldus Scholarship for Refugees. This scholarship is designed to enable young men from refugee backgrounds to obtain a college degree and receive spiritual formation preparing them for service in the Catholic Church to refugee and immigrant populations.

Scholarship recipients receive full tuition, room and board, opportunities for on-campus employment and student medical insurance.

“Divine Word College has served refugee and immigrant students since 1975. Through the Arnoldus Scholarship we are able to share our resources with young men who have a love of learning and a desire to serve others in need,” said Rev. Michael Hutchins, SVD, Divine Word College President.

Divine Word College is a Roman Catholic undergraduate seminary college owned and operated by the Society of the Divine Word (SVD). The College’s primary mission is the education and spiritual formation of future missionary priests and Brothers. The addition of the Arnoldus Scholarship adds a new dimension—a lay dimension—to the College’s mission.

For more information or application forms contact Chris Sauer, Coordinator of Special Programs at 563-876-3353 or Email at