Happy (Lunar) New Year!

DWC community celebrates Lunar New Year with Vietnamese friends in Cedar Rapids


The Lunar New Year’s Liturgy and Tet Celebration at St. Matthew Church in Cedar Rapids last weekend was extraordinary! Father Andrew Thu Pham, SVD, presided nicely over the Mass, and besides him there were six other concelebrants. The Liturgy was vibrant with the ever-special choir composed of the Vietnamese Sisters and DWC-Seminarians. The songs were beautifully sung as conducted by Father Stephen Kha, SVD. To those who have ears to hear would definitely mark their memory with some of challenging remarks from the sermon excellently delivered by Fr. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD, former Theology instructor at DWC. The Liturgy Celebration with Cedar Rapids Congragation was truly a blessing for all participants.

After Mass, everyone excitingly joined with the whole congregation downstairs to celebrate Tet with uplifting songs, delicious food, the Dragon dance, Li xi, and laughter and warm conversations.  After self-introduction and a few questions, the Sisters and their neighborhood villagers quickly became fond of each other. Of course, they were now ready with stories and had plenty to share. Each of the Sisters at the celebration virtually found their own neighborhood in Cedar Rapids!   Indeed, within the Cedar Rapids Congregation, those Sisters have already established contacts. Very very soon, who knows what other ministries those Vietnamese Sisters might serve? LNY09