The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) was signed into law in August 2008 and contains several crucial campus safety components.  One of the main provisions of the HEOA is the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act.  This provision calls for all Title IV eligible institutions that participate in Title IV programs and maintain on-campus student housing facilities to publish an annual fire safety report and an annual security report.  These reports outline fire safety systems, policies, practices, statistics, and emergency responses and procedures. 
Divine Word College has an established Emergency Team in place to respond to any emergency.  They are the President, Dean of Students, and the Rector of the  SVD Religious Community.  Students, faculty, staff and the SVD community are reminded that security is a shared responsibility and any emergency should be reported immediately to a member of the Emergency Team.
The Dean of Students is available 24 hours a day to assist students for any emergency on campus by calling extension 215 from within the building or from Megan Hall.  The Dean of Students, in an emergency, will contact the Dubuque County Sherriff, fire, or medical services by dialing 7-911 from any phone. 
Students, faculty, and staff are asked to exercise reasonable caution on-campus and to be alert to suspicious persons or activities.  You are reminded to be certain that exit doors are not propped open and that you do not give the access code or keys to the building or your private room to anyone.  Entrance doors are locked 24 hours a day in all residences for your protection.
Divine Word College complies with the requirements of the “Campus Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990” and makes available information describing College policies related to fire safety, security and crime statistics to its students, faculty, and staff and to  prospective students, faculty, and staff.  These reports are available online from the Student Life link.
  • Reporting – Divine Word College does not have security officers but has assigned personnel who do have access to the county sheriff and ambulance service.  If you are the victim of a crime or have information regarding a crime, report the crime immediately to the President, Dean of Students, or Rector of the Religious Community.
  • Phones – In an emergency, students living in the main College dorms and Megan Hall must contact the Dean of Students from the phone in their room or in the corridors by dialing 215.  Students living in the First Street House will inform their supervisor, who resides in the house, or call 7-876-3353, ext. 215.
  • Timely Notice – In cases where an emergency or criminal activity is reported, whether within one of the College buildings or outside the College campus, that may pose a threat to others, the President will use appropriate means to provide a general warning to the College community.  This may include an email notice, intercom announcement, or bulletin board notice.  It is your responsibility to be attentive to these announcements and act prudently when warned.
  • Dorms/Residence Halls – Students  are asked to be particularly careful about keeping all exterior doors closed and locked.  For your safety and the safety of others, you should not permit non-residents into the dorm areas of the College, Megan Hall, or the First Street House.
  • Security Awareness – It is the responsibility of the Dean of Students and appropriate staff members to provide information to the students about security procedures and fire safety at least once each semester.
  • Contact Person – At the beginning of each semester, students register for courses with the Registrar.  At that time, students are asked to update their personal information.  Students are also asked to list a contact person in the event of an emergency.  This information is confidential and is only available to authorized personnel.
  • Entrance/Exit Doors – All doors are locked twenty-four hours a day and require a code to enter.  Please do not prop these doors open.
  • Classrooms – In the event of an intruder or hostile environment, all classrooms, labs, library, offices, etc. lock from the inside.  If an announcement is made for a lockdown, you are to proceed to the nearest room, lock the door, and remain until law enforcement individuals or College personnel come to get you.
  • Photo IDs – Everyone at DWC is provided with a photo ID for security reasons.  You are asked to wear your ID at all times.  Should there be an emergency situation at the College, law enforcement officials will recognize you as being a student or employee of the College.
  • Visitors – Visitors who come to the College are asked to sign in at the front desk and to wear a visitor pass.  If you see someone in the building without a visitor pass or believe they may not be an invited guest, inform the Dean of Students immediately. 
The Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Team assist the administration of Divine Word College in providing for the welfare and safety of the College community.  The Dean of Students reviews the emergency procedures with the student body at the beginning of each semester.  Fire and tornado drills are conducted each semester according to state fire regulations.
1.      Pull the nearest fire alarm if you see a fire/smoke.
2.      When the fire alarm goes off leave the building immediately through the nearest exit!  Walk fast, do not run!
3.      Proceed to the soccer field and gather by your formation groups.  
4.      Stay on the field until the fire department gives the “all-clear” signal.  If you are unable to return to the main building, proceed to Megan Hall.  If you reside at Megan Hall and are unable to return to the building, proceed to the main building.
5.      Contact persons are assigned to each formation group.  They are to inform the fire department if someone is missing in their group.  No one but the Fire Department is to go back into the building to look for someone who is missing.
1.      When a tornado warning is announced over the PA system, go immediately to the basement corridor (near the art room).  Megan Hall residents go to the south end of the Megan Hall basement (green game room).
2.      Gather in your formation group.
3.      Remain there until the “all-clear” signal sounds.
1.      When the announcement “THIS IS A LOCK DOWN” sounds over the PA system, remain where you are at.  Shut/lock the door and remain quiet.  Stay away from the windows. 
2.      Remain where you are until you hear the “all-clear” call or the police notify you that it is safe to leave the room.
3.      After the emergency is over, everyone gathers in the gym for a person count.
Bomb Threat:
         1.      When the PA system announces a bomb threat, leave the building immediately                      through the nearest exit.
         2.      Go to the soccer field and line up in your formation group.
         3.      Remain on the field until the “all clear” signal is given.
Severe Weather or Electrical Storm:
          1.      The lifeguards or Dean of Students should evacuate the swimming pool, soccer field and tennis courts immediately.
If an employee or student suspects or knows that another student is missing, he/she should report the situation to the Dean of Students immediately.  The Dean of Students and the President of the College will work to substantiate that the student is missing and then proceed to contact area law enforcement.  When a student is confirmed missing, the President will then inform the student’s contact person about the missing student.  If the student is under 18 years of age, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately.