Intensive English Language Institute

The Intensive English Language Institute teaches students the English language skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their Divine Word College courses. Students in the ESL program attend classes 18 to 21 hours a week and participate in many activities outside of class, including learning expeditions and retreats related to spiritual discernment.

Our students come from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This dynamic mix helps enliven life at Divine Word College, both in and out of the classroom. Shared activities help stretch our awareness of different backgrounds and our appreciation of different viewpoints.

Our Mission
The Intensive English Language Institute provides students with a culturally sensitive, supportive environment in which to build English language proficiency and academic skills needed for college success. Opportunities for creative language practice and expression of ideas are provided in content-rich classes and learning experiences outside of class. Teachers regard students as motivated, self directed individuals, and respond to students' varied learning styles and backgrounds by selecting instructional techniques and materials to facilitate progress toward fluent, accurate English.