Divine Word College is pleased to offer our benefactors a simplified method of supporting Divine Word. Electronic Funds Transfer, also known as an ACH Debit, is an alternate method for processing contributions. Millions of these types of transactions take place daily throughout the world.

Electronic Funds Transfer is a secure, cost-effective, paperless method of banking that allows you to make contributions without the cost of checks and postage. For example, if you are a monthly donor, you will have your regular contribution deducted on the 15th of each month. You simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date.

You have the option of having funds transferred from either your checking or savings account. Electronic Funds Transfer is less risky than check or cash contributions. They can’t be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail and are extremely accurate. Best of all, there is no additional cost to you.

To participate in Electronic Funds Transfer, simply click on the link below, print the form, complete the information, attach a voided check if you choose to have your withdrawal from your checking account and return it to Divine Word.

All in all, giving by Electronic Funds Transfer is an easy and efficient method for supporting Divine Word College. We welcome your consideration of such gifts.

If you are interested in the Electronic Funds Transfer program but have further questions, please feel free to contact Mark Singsank, Associate Director for Development, at 563-876-0097 or email at singsank@dwci.edu

Electronic Funds Transfer Form
     Click to print form